How We Helped Californians Rebuild after Wildfires by Contributing to Passing a Close Amendment

Targeted Content

Targeted Content


In California, senior citizens, the differently-abled, and wildfire survivors could not relocate without suffering massive tax hikes. There was low turn-over in the housing markets. Schools, local governments, and county programs like emergency response were losing out on billions of dollars worth of revenue. This is why Proposition 19 appeared on the ballot in November 2020. We joined the YES on 19 team in the beginning of what would be a very close race and helped spread awareness of Prop 19’s benefits. 


Through the course of this campaign, we managed digital media channels and tracked how the content we produced was performing. With that data, we were able to identify the most resonating topics, the most productive outlets, and the most beneficial media styles then remarket. The culmination of our actions resulted in 2.6 million ad impressions, 2,521 ad clicks, and 5.1 million people reached on social pages. 


The awareness we created around Proposition 19 contributed to a winning outcome in November. The YES campaign won narrowly, but ultimately Californians wanted to support one another, especially amidst another devastating wildfire season and the outbreak of a global pandemic.

Pat Dennis

President, Streel Level Strategy LLC 

By the Numbers

2.6 Million

5.1 Million



Digital Tactics

Targeted Social Posts

Facebook proved to be the most effective social channel to target voters with brand awareness ads. Through it, we were able to get 2,521 total clicks and 462,561 post engagements. In total, we had 2.6 million ad impressions on Facebook and the social page reached 3,743,940 voters. 

Content Development

We designed a series of content pieces that were used as advertisements and tagged with detailed tracking codes. These pieces varied in style and message so we could pinpoint the strongest type. The video content and news articles performed the best overall. 

Targeted Traffic

We deployed hyper-targeted content through Facebook to ensure we were able to reach the specific demographic of voters in California. We crafted our content style and channel to best match that demographic and their interests. This meant simple graphics and videos that were clearly and quickly consumed. 

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The Effct team was a key part of the Yes on Prop. 19 digital team, spearheading our digital organizing program to help grow our audience across multiple channels. Effct's work was polished, professional, and consistent; we thoroughly enjoyed our partnership.

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