Empower Your World

That's our motto. Our mission? Help outstanding candidates and initiatives win campaigns in order to positively transform their communities. We focus on always performing the most effective actions in solving our world’s most pressing challenges. That's why we're named Effct.


   We support candidates and initiatives dedicated to solving global warming, nuclear security, economic inequality, education, AI safety, and voting reform, as well as other important issues.   


By electing great leaders and passing impactful initiatives we are creating a more peaceful, prosperous and representative world. Join us.

Meet the Team

Nick Brown

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Co-founder and CEO


The Fulbright Program, Colombia

Teach for America, Mississippi


B.A. Political Science, University of Southern California (Honors Program, cum laude)

Uriel Berrum

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Goldman Sachs, Risk Analyst

Fellow, New Leaders Council


B.A. Public Policy and Economics, University of Denver (Distinction)

Sean O'Carroll

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Digital Media Manager



The Fulbright Program, Malaysia

Freeman Asia Scholar -

Osaka, Japan


B.A. International Business

Illinois Wesleyan University

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What can our team do for you?

What can Effct do for you?

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