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Digital Advertising 

Digital advertising and marketing is at the heart of's work. Through our targeted digital media campaigns, we've helped schools enroll new students, won elections, and influenced positive change in communities around the country.

Our Capabilities

Lead Generation

Our team has created and managed numerous lead generation campaigns for nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and schools. Our lead generation campaigns have enrolled new students at high-quality schools, provided families with free meals for their children, and aided voters in registering for mail-in ballots. 


Through awareness campaigns, we've reached voters and stakeholders to inform them of critical issues in their communities. Our efforts have changed the outcome of key elections, influenced voter turnout, and created positive shifts in behavior amongst members of the community. 


Looking to drive audience members to your site to learn more and take action? Our traffic campaigns will use high-quality creative and copy to drive users from social platforms and search engines to your website, where your team can convert them.

Automation will automate portions of your campaign, allowing you to focus on the big picture instead of the small day-to-day items that enhance your campaign. Our team will create automated systems that manage your leads, outreach, and more. 


The team can make your campaign go viral with ease, putting your cause in front of thousands of users and earning hundreds of thousands of likes, comments and shares.

Our Platforms

Facebook Advertising

The team has years of experience advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other Meta platforms. We've found that advertising on the Facebook platform is highly effective for campaigns of any shape and size, including enrollment campaigns, political campaigns and public health outreach. 

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Search Advertising

With search advertising, your campaign will appear alongside organic search results for users in your target audience when they are researching you or similar topics. will perfect your search campaign and keywords to make sure you reach the right users at the right time. 

TikTok Video Creation & Management 

With our high-caliber video creation skills, the team will create organic content for TikTok, manage your campaign's presence on the platform, and run paid advertising campaigns.

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With Snapchat advertising, you can reach younger users online and present your brand in seconds. The team will build engaging advertisements for your campaign that will win over audience members and guide them to your site in no time.

Email Campaigns

Through email campaigns, you can build an audience and regularly update them on any new developments in your campaign. will manage your email campaigns, sending out blast emails and maintaining automations that keep your audience in the loop and engaged.

Text Messaging

With SMS texting campaigns, you can reach mission-critical audiences in the moment and speak with them one-on-one. Using web-based softwares such as ThruText and TextRequest, the team will draft engaging scripts, manage responses, and advocate for your cause. 

Other Platforms

Summit Daily
Local News

Our Campaigns

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Summit County, CO combatted the vaping epidemic in Summit County using platforms and messaging that would appeal to Summit County's youth. Using primary and secondary research, our team devised a creative strategy centered around real stories of vaping from peers in Summit County. So far, we have earned 3 million total impressions, reaching nearly 30,000 users online and getting over 3,000 website visits. 

NO on 2A

In order to shift the public's opinion on municipalizing the electric utility of Pueblo, Colorado, the team developed a "digital-door knock" that allowed the campaign to connect with voters amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The team also developed a sticky website in three days, ran Google ads for the campaign, and used social listening to refine the campaign's messaging. 

Civic Nebraska

The team, in partnership with Civic Nebraska, contributed to a 172% increase in Vote by Mail turnout in Nebraska. This was accomplished with a captivating explainer video, dedicated Vote by Mail landing page and automated email followup. Following our success in the primary election, the team developed multiple phases of advertisements for Facebook and Google leading up to the general election. 

University Prep

In 2019, the founder of University Prep and mentor to co-founder Uriel Berrum, David Singer, approached in need of help. The school needed new enrollment and recruitment methods in the face of declining enrollment and the approaching COVID-19 pandemic. modernized the enrollment process for U Prep, and the result has been a three-year long partnership between the schools that has helped enroll over 95 families.

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