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We help political campaigns win elections with digital.

We execute an outstanding digital strategy. You win your campaign.

20 Winning Political Campaigns and Counting

Case Studies

Case Studies

Browse the links below to learn how we've won big on election night on numerous campaigns.

Mike Bloomberg 2020.JPG

Mike Bloomberg 2020

Colorado - 2020

How we helped Mike Bloomberg win his highest percentage of vote across the country in Colorado (from 5% to 19% in three months)


Darrel Watson

Colorado - 2022

Darrell's Campaign for Denver's District 9 City Council Seat: A Digital Success Story

Pueblo Riverwalk 2.JPG

NO on 2A

Pueblo, CO - 2020

Revolutionizing Campaigning in the Time of Coronavirus: How to Move a 70% YES Vote to a 76% NO Vote


YES on 6B

Pueblo, CO - 2019

How the Pueblo City-Council Library District won nearly 60% of the vote to fund their libraries using digital outreach

Mail in Ballot _VBM


Florida, 2019

How We Reached 180,000 Voters in Florida, Resulting in 240 Completed Mail-In Ballot Applications

VOTE YES ON 1A & 1b 300x250-3 (1).webp

Safer Boulder County

Colorado - 2022

How We Helped Generate $22 Million to Fund Wildfire Mitigation & Emergency Services in Boulder County


YES on 19

California - 2020

How We Helped Prop 19 Win a Tight Race in California With Look-Alike Audiences


Civic Nebraska

Nebraska, 2019-2020

How We Partnered with Civic Nebraska to Contribute to a 172% Increase in Vote by Mail Turnout.

Denver Skyline 2.jpg

NO on 300

Denver, CO - 2019

How NO on 300 Won 81% of the Vote in Five Months with Outstanding Digital Marketing

YES on 300 pic.jpg

YES on 300

Denver, CO - 2018

How Prosperity Denver Went from Losing in 2015 to Winning in 2018 Using Digital Media


YES on 2A

Denver, CO - 2020

How We Helped Pass an Innovative Climate Action Initiative in Denver, with a 26-Point Margin



Colorado - 2020

How We Beat Big Tobacco with Memes

2A - Speer Bridge Overhead.jpg

YES on 2A

Denver, CO - 2019

How effective digital media outreach helped YES on 2A win a majority in 100% of Denver's counties

Hancock Victory Image.png

Michael Hancock

Denver, CO - 2019

How Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Won a General and Runoff Election Using a Targeted and Effective Digital Strategy

Jennifer Bacon with Child.jpg

Jennifer Bacon

District 4, CO - 2017

How Jennifer Bacon Went from First-Time Candidate to Election Victor in Six Months Using Grassroots Digital Media Without Wasting Money

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In this guide, we'll show you how to grow your email list as we have done for our clients. We've helped clients go from 0 to 8,000+ subscribers fast, at a rate of just five cents per voter. With this email list, we've been able to educate voters, recruit volunteers, get press, fundraise and most importantly, win votes. This seven-step guide will reveal our secrets.

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Content Creation

We design logos, websites, social media content and more to help you promote your message and brand in a slick and creative way.


Digital Strategy

We work with your team to run focused, targeted campaigns to reach the people you need to reach without wasting money on those you don't.


Data Analytics

We provide you with frequent, up-to-date feedback on your campaign's performance and methods for future optimization.

Digital Advertising

We'll promote your campaign using creative digital methods to deliver your message in effective, targeted ways.

Website Design

We build interactive, connected websites to provide constituents what they need and to give your campaign a strong first impression.


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