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Brand Development

Effct has a track record of developing complete brand identities for campaigns from inception. This process involves conducting focus groups, designing logos, selecting color palettes, choosing typography, and managing all other aspects essential for establishing a cohesive brand presence.


I Choose My Future spearheaded the branding efforts for the anti-opioid campaign in Summit County, Colorado, crafting the identity for "I Choose My Future."

I Choose My Future 2023 Content-59.png

Real Stories of Summit County conceptualized and developed the brand identity for "Real Stories of Summit," the anti-smoking campaign in Summit County, Colorado.

Summit Adult Content-39.png

Vaping Sucks

For the anti-vaping and tobacco cessation campaign in Summit County, Colorado, designed the brand for its youth-focused campaign.

Summit youth content-45.png

ScholarLead created the website, logo, typography and all of the branding for Scholarlead, a company dedicated to streamlining enrollment processes.

Scholarlead Deming Article Highlight.png


SCOPE worked with the Summit County Public Health department to craft the perfect logo for SCOPE. 


Resign DPS worked with the Denver Public School system to create the Resign DPS logo.

VOTE YES ON 1A & 1b 300x250-2.png

YES on 1A and 1B crafted the logo to help YES on Wildfire Mitigation pass Boulder County Ballot Issues 1A & 1B. 

VOTE YES ON 1A & 1b 300x250.png
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