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A new media company with real social impact.

The great Viktor Frankl wrote in Man's Search for Meaning, "Success, like happiness, must ensue from one's personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself."

At Effct, we are focused on huge causes:

  • Empowering political campaigns

  • Proliferating objective news through voice technology

  • Solving pressing global issues


Why these causes?


Now more than ever, political campaigns want outstanding political communications magnified through the web. We witnessed the difference social media played in the 2016 elections. It continues to define our political discourse.


Moreover, we are more than ever in need of real, objective news. Voice technology offers the opportunity to spread that valuable resource to the masses.


Finally, millions of people, mostly children in the developing world, die of preventable causes like malaria. It's time for profits step up, and help end senseless loss of life.


Whenever we struggle, we can always turn to Frankl's words. They remind us of our opportunity in our short lives to make profound change.







Nick Brown
Founder and CEO, Effct

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