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How We Helped Generate $36 Million in Funding for Denver's Public Libraries




Referred Question 2I, a referral on the Denver County ballot in the 2022 midterm elections, would increase the property tax rate by 1.5 mills - a $36 million increase in state revenue for 2023 - and dedicate that funding to the Denver Public Library. With the additional funding, the Denver Public Library system would be able to increase staff pay, upgrade their technology, and expand their services. The YES on 2I team recruited to help 

Our team appealed to voters by promoting four key outcomes of 2I's planned funding:

  1. Improved technology support for students

  2. Resources provided for new Americans 

  3. Resources provided for older and more vulnerable populations 

  4. Decreased wait times 



Our campaign was spread across a variety of channels, ranging from paid social media advertising to radio spots on streaming platforms. We developed engaging video and static content that featured some of 2I's most important stakeholders, such as new Americans that received immense support from the library's services and students who used library resources to further their education. This content was then turned into video content for streaming platforms, online display ads, and organic & paid social media content. The Effct team also developed audio ads for music streaming and radio platforms, ran search advertising campaigns through Google, and managed a mass SMS texting campaign alongside the campaign's volunteers. In the end, our team generated over 8.6 million impressions for the campaign, and Referred Question 2I was passed with a 67% YES vote. 

noun_Quote_14163.png executed a diligent and focused digital strategy. Through their work, we raised awareness of 2A with crucial demographics. They produced effective creative pieces and managed our social pages with ease. Most importantly, they care deeply about climate action, and fit in well with the rest of our campaign team.

Conor Hall

Campaign General Consultant

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By the Numbers


5.1 Million

Total Impressions


Reached on Social Pages

1.4 Million

Video Views


Text Messages Sent
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Digital Tactics

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Targeted Text Messaging

Effct created and managed multiple text messaging campaigns that targeted different demographics of Denverites and sent them 304,591 messages about measure 2A. Our management, outstanding volunteers, and

high-quality data helped us reach reply rates of up to 30% in some areas.

Responsive Strategy

We deployed hyper-targeted ads through Facebook and Google to ensure we were able to reach voters searching for climate action in Denver. We specified our content style to videos and clean graphics to best match that demographic’s intake style, and reevaluated our strategy based on responsive data. An example of this was optimizing the environmental justice content when it was clear that was favored.

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