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How We Helped Elevate the Colorado Parks Foundation with a New Video and Website

The Colorado Parks Foundation (CPF), founded in 1985, is a nonprofit Denver-based organization dedicated to enhancing parks across the state of Colorado through grants, advocating for the ongoing enhancement and improvement of parks, and promoting the enjoyment and usage of the outdoor experiences afforded to Colorado residents and visitors every day.

CPF came to with the goal of revamping their website and developing a hero video that showcases their mission to preserve parks and wildlife across the state of Colorado.

The Video

We created a high-quality hero video that shares the importance of our parks and wildlife. The above video captures the beauty of our outdoors and highlights their vital importance to our planet.


This footage, primarily sourced from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, reminds us of the diversity of life on Earth and how we can partner with CPF to preserve it. It showcases the natural beauty that surrounds us and the many benefits that parks and wildlife provide, including preserving habitats, providing clean air and water, and creating a place for community to thrive. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 10.14.23 AM.png

The Website

Additionally, we developed a modern website to elevate the way they share their mission. The new website is designed to make it easier for visitors to learn about the CPF's mission to protect and enhance Colorado parks. The website features an updated and user-friendly interface with easy navigation, making it simple for supporters to donate and get involved with the CPF's important work. With this new website, the Colorado Parks Foundation is better equipped to engage with supporters, raise awareness about their efforts, and make a positive impact on Colorado parks.


Over the last several years I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with the Team both in my now former role as Exec. Director of The Greenway Foundation and more recently in my continuing role as Exec. Director of the Colorado Parks Foundation.  Whether it was website creation or video production, the Effct Team in its entirety have been consummate professionals, always fully engaged and always respectful of my office and my team members at TGF and CPF. Additionally, their work products reflect this professionalism in both imaging and content. I recommend the Team without reservation.

Jeff Shoemaker
Executive Director 
Colorado Parks Foundation 


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