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Essential Training

How to Win an Election with Social Media

What You Learn:

  • The well-known, but poorly understood way to persuade citizens, that gets voters to support your cause or candidate

  • The little known tip that could make a huge difference by targeting the right voters

  • The content strategy that completely changes everything

  • Getting back to the fundamentals so you can focus on winning your campaign

11 Winning Campaigns and Counting

Case Studies

How Prosperity Denver Went from Losing in 2015 to Winning in 2018 Using Digital Media

2015 Loss without Effct

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.38.25 PM.png

2018 Win with Effct

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.39.27 PM.png


Before engaging with Effct, voters defeated the same initiative in 2015 (Referred Question 2A) with  52% of citizens voting NO.


After working with Effct, voters approved the same initiative (Ordinance 300) in 2018 with 52% of citizens voting YES.

This was a total team effort, and digital played a big role.

Effct generated 3.5 million social media impressions for the campaign, and brought newfound hope to the campaign.


The ordinance will generate $170 million for deserving Denver students to achieve their dream of higher education. The key was focusing on what we needed to do to win, and then executing that plan

Roger Sherman.jpg

“The Effct team did an outstanding job developing and executing an integrated communications package. They were not just a vendor, but rather an essential part of the campaign team. Nick and Uriel were hands-on, responsive and nimble, actively responding to comments across our social media platforms. They stayed in constant communication with me and I knew I could pick up the phone and talk with them at anytime. Overall they were instrumental to our victory, and I look forward to working with them on future efforts.”

- Roger Sherman

Campaign Manager at Prosperity Denver

Roger Sherman

Campaign Manager at Prosperity Denver

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How to Get from First-Time Candidate to Election Victor in Six Months Using Grassroots Digital Media Without Wasting Money


Jennifer Bacon was an outstanding teacher, lawyer, and organizer. Still, Ms. Bacon had little name recognition in her district. Her social media presence was also minimal and inconsistent.


The campaign partnered with Effct to supplement their outstanding field team. We focused on persuading voters Bacon's experience as a teacher would make her an outstanding school board member. 

On election night, Ms. Bacon won by a margin of 9 points, and received 42% of the vote, defeating an incumbent.

On social, Effct reached almost 100,000 voters, generating 400,000 impressions.

"Effct was an integral member of our campaign team. From building target audiences, to crafting engaging and on-message content, to adjusting strategy based on real-time data, Effct ensured our digital strategy could compete. In a competitive race, having a strong digital program was critical to our win on election night."

-Emily Elsenbast

Campaign Manager at Jennifer Bacon for Denver Kids

Emily Elsenbast headshot.jpg

Emily Elsenbast

Campaign Manager at Jennifer Bacon for Denver Kids

Jennifer Bacon Logo.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.44.54 PM.png
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Effct Leadership

Nick Brown

Co-founder and CEO, Effct


The Fulbright Program, Colombia

Teach for America, Mississippi


B.A. Political Science, University of Southern California (Honors Program, cum laude)

Uriel Berrum


Co-founder and CFO, Effct

Portfolio Manager, Goldman Sachs (NYC and SLC)

Fellow, New Leaders Council


B.A. Public Policy and Economics, University of Denver (Distinction)


1245 Champa St.

Denver, CO, USA


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