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Everybody Loves Bacon


Jennifer Bacon was an outstanding teacher, lawyer, and organizer. Still, Ms. Bacon had little name recognition in her district. Her social media presence was also minimal and inconsistent.


The campaign partnered with Effct to supplement their outstanding field team. We focused on persuading voters Bacon's experience as a teacher would make her an outstanding school board member. 

On election night, Ms. Bacon won by a margin of 9 points, and received 42% of the vote, defeating an incumbent.

On social, Effct reached almost 100,000 voters, generating 400,000 impressions.

bacon logo 2.png
Ms. Bacon's margin of victory
District 4 voters reached
Impressions made on voters
of the vote won out of 3 candidates
Bacon Campaign Manager headshot.jpg

"Effct was an integral member of our campaign team. From building target audiences, to crafting engaging and on-message content, to adjusting strategy based on real-time data, Effct ensured our digital strategy could compete. In a competitive race, having a strong digital program was critical to our win on election night."

Emily Elsenbast, Campaign Manager at Jennifer Bacon for Denver Kids

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