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How We Fought Adult Smoking and Tobacco Use in Summit County, Colorado Using Real Stories 


According to a survey by Corona Insights, 11 percent of Summit County residents reported using tobacco, and 13 percent said that someone in their household had wanted or needed help with tobacco dependence. Despite already having significantly higher tobacco costs and taxes than the rest of Colorado in 2017, Summit County's health experts and practitioners saw it as the third-most common health problem among their clients. As a result, Effct was brought in to drive behavior change and connect residents to quitting resources in partnership with Summit County.



We started off this campaign by conducting heavy research and organizing focus groups so that we could fully understand what challenges Summit County residents faced around tobacco usage and quitting. We used these insights and research to create our campaign, Real Stories of Summit County.


As part of Real Stories of Summit County, we've interviewed Summit residents who had quit smoking and learned why they quit. These powerful testimonials helped to give a voice to those who have successfully quit smoking, empowering others to share their own stories of triumph.


Our campaign website,, provides Summit County residents with a place where they can access all the necessary resources for quitting and educate themselves on why they should quit. In order to drive Summit County residents to our website, we ran an engaging digital campaign that targeted residents on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. This digital campaign, using a mix of organic and paid social media, promotes healthy alternatives to smoking, positive effects of quitting, and stories from fellow Summit County residents. We have also run ads in the Summit Daily newspaper, created bus wraps for Summit's public transportation, and run radio ads in Summit County.

In 2022, the Real Stories Of Summit campaign flourished, generating over 2.5 million impressions during its first year. 

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Summit County Logo

By the Numbers

Youtube Views

2.5 Million +

Total Impressions


Reached on Social Pages


Visitors to our Website


YouTube Impressions

Digital Tactics

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1,163,933 Impressions

$0.06 Cost Per Engagement



62,981 Impressions
8,224 Content Interactions

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569,644 Impressions

$1.57 Cost Per Click

Content Samples

Digital Content

Our campaign primarily consisted of engaging digital content that ran on Facebook and Instagram. These content pieces featured stories from fellow Summit County residents, as well as helpful resources and inspiration to quit.

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Bus Wraps

Alongside our digital advertising efforts, we created bus wrap advertisements that ran in Summit County. We supplemented these bus wrap ads with additional out-of-home advertising in the form of interior bus card ads. 

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 1.04.18 PM.png

Radio Ads

In addition to other out-of-home advertising efforts, we developed, recorded and placed audio ads on multiple Summit County radio stations. These ads used excerpts from our interviews with real Summit County residents, following the approach we used for our digital campaign. Click below to hear one of these radio ads!

Radio AdReal Stories of Summit County
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