How We Helped Pass a Ground-Breaking Climate Action Initiative in Denver, with a 26 Point Margin


Ballot measure 2A was included in Denver’s election season this year because there was a clear desire for change. The need for renewable energy, job expansion, environmental justice, and long-lasting resources pushed Colorado to introduce this piece of legislation. 



Based on the polling information we received, it was clear that the more educated people were about measure 2A, the more likely they were to support it. With this understanding, we determined our initial efforts needed to be awareness-based, and could evolve in secondary phases. To connect with our target demographics we published visually-appealing content, including static graphics and videos with strategic messaging, to various channels.


On Election Day 2020, it was immediately apparent that the 2A ballot measure was supported by Denverites. Effct's digital work had resulted in 304591 messages, almost 560,000 advertisement engagements on Facebook, and 5.2 million impressions. Colorado voters were aware of 2A and voted YES on it to protect Denver’s iconic natural resources for years to come. 

Lynea Hansen

Sr. Vice President, Strategies 360 

By the Numbers

5.1 Million




Digital Tactics

Text Messaging

Effct created and managed multiple text messaging campaigns that sent 304,591 messages. Our high-quality data helped us reach reply rates of up to 30% in some areas.

Content Development

We designed a series of content pieces that were used as advertisements and tagged with detailed tracking codes. These pieces varied in style and message so we could pinpoint the strongest type.



We deployed hyper-targeted ads, through Facebook and Google to ensure we were able to reach voters searching for climate action in Denver. We specified our content style and channel to best match that demographic

How we helped raise $327,500 for Rock the River 

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