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How We Helped Generate $22 Million to Fund Wildfire Mitigation & Emergency Services in Boulder County

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At the end of 2021, Boulder County experienced an unprecedented fire that caused immense devastation. This fire, known as the Marshall Fire, became the most destructive fire in Colorado's history in terms of the number of buildings destroyed. It caused $2 billion worth of damages, and tragically, 1,084 homes were lost. The alarming rise in the threat of wildfires highlighted the urgent need for legislation to prevent such tragedies in the future.


In order to prevent and mitigate the damage and destruction of future fires, County Issue 1A & 1B made their way onto the ballot. By passing 1A & 1B, Boulder County would be able to generate funding for crucial wildfire mitigation efforts and emergency services through a modest increase in sales tax. With just a 0.2% raise in sales taxes, Boulder County could allocate a total of $11 million towards reducing the risk of wildfires and an additional $11 million towards funding emergency response. In order to reach and urge Boulder County voters to pass County Issue 1A & 1B, Safer Boulder County partnered with to create a powerful digital campaign.



Our comprehensive digital campaign utilized various strategies to reach and engage the community. Through social media advertising, content creation, SMS texting campaigns, Google Search advertising, and targeted ads on streaming services, we successfully reached 218,000 voters. 


Together, these efforts formed a unified campaign that empowered Boulder County residents to make informed decisions and take action to protect themselves and their beloved communities. Boulder County Ballot Issues 1A Countywide Wildfire Mitigation Sales and Use Tax and Revenue Change & 1B Emergency Services Sales and Use Tax and Revenue Change were passed in November 2022 by a massive margin of victory at 72.07% and 67.98% for YES.

By the Numbers



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Digital Tactics


By utilizing the power of personalized and targeted text messages, we effectively educated residents on the intricacies of passing measures 1A and 1B. We highlighted its role in safeguarding communities from potential incidents and disasters. In total, we sent out 27,705 text messages, generating over 3,380 responses.


Our texting campaign played a vital role in securing donations that supported educational efforts in Boulder County. These donations supported efforts to raise awareness of the critical need for wildfire mitigation and emergency services and why it was relevant in the upcoming election.

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We took charge in designing and developing the Safer Boulder County website, as well as crafting a compelling logo and branding for the campaign. The website served as an information hub for Boulder residents, providing valuable insights into the significant benefits of passing 1A and 1B.

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