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How We Boosted the Colorado Children's Campaign with Compelling Video Content

The Colorado Children's Campaign is a non-profit and nonpartisan organization that focuses on advocating for the well-being of every child and family. Their mission is to improve the lives of children and families by promoting public policies surrounding health, education, early childhood, and family economic prosperity. They are committed to providing every child with equal opportunities and a bright future.

As an organization, they currently follow four "North Star Goals:"

Family Economic Prosperity

Youth Success

Child and Family Health

Early Childhood

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Case Study Graphics  (6).png
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The Colorado Children's Campaign first began working with the Effct team in 2019 to better support their digital presence and efforts. Over the past 3 years, we have helped them develop numerous videos and campaigns, including the successful YES on EE campaign in 2020

Capitol Updates

The CCC works tirelessly at the Colorado State Capitol to advocate and pass vital legislation that gives children equal opportunities in education and life. To help the Colorado Children's Campaign inform Coloradans about their work, Effct edited and published their weekly Capitol Updates video series. These videos - as well as other video content created by the Colorado Children's Campaign - are shared with audiences and stakeholders online throughout the Colorado legislative session.

Short videos specifically created for social media are an effective tool for keeping your audience engaged and informed. By utilizing short-form videos, you can deliver concise and informative content to a diverse and wide-ranging audience across various social platforms. This makes it an excellent way to keep your audience up to date and engaged with your content.

House Bill 1295

Our team also partnered with the Colorado Children's Campaign to create a video about the passing of House Bill 1295, which established the Department of Early Childhood and created the Colorado Universal Preschool Program. This animated video illustrates how House Bill 1295 will help the children of Colorado. 

Animated videos are an effective tool for communicating complex ideas and processes, making them an ideal choice for explaining the impact of recent legislation. By using visual aids and storytelling techniques, animated videos can keep viewers engaged and informed, making it easier for them to comprehend important information. Whether you're trying to educate the public, inform stakeholders, or simply make sense of a complicated subject, an animated video can be a powerful tool for your communication toolkit.

Why I Vaccinated My Child

As part of our partnership, we assisted the Colorado Children's Campaign in producing a video that promotes vaccination against COVID-19 in children. Our approach used testimonials from parents who have already vaccinated their children against the virus. We aimed to provide a personable, first-hand experience to Colorado parents through these testimonials, creating a more relatable message. We aimed to make the audience feel included in the conversation rather than just receiving an impersonal message to vaccinate their children.

Interested in learning how Effct can meet your video needs? 

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