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Distributing COVID-19 tests with Digital Ads:
Covid-19 Relief Campaign with CLLARO


Testing for COVID-19 can ensure that you and your family are staying safe and preventing the spread of the virus. CLLARO had received Covid 19 test kits that needed to be distributed to Denver residents in Hispanic/Latino communities.

After led the digital campaign for CLLARO to source recipients for free COVID-19 test kits. The goal of the Lead Generation campaign was to collect information from Denver residents in Hispanic/Latino communities to distribute COVID-19 tests. After initial brand awareness ads meant to reach a large majority of people, we launched the Traffic campaign with the goal of directing this audience to a Google form to collect their information/send them to a pickup location instead.

This short campaign spanned between February 2022 through March 2022, and drew efficient results: all 940 boxes containing a total of 1880 tests were distributed at a rate of $.52 per click to English forms, $.92 per click to Spanish forms, $5.46 per English Facebook lead and $4.75 per Spanish Facebook lead. 

In addition to the topline stats above, all ad activity across the campaign drew a combined 1,784 clicks. These digital efforts helped to reach their target giveaway goal of approximately 940 boxes.


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Content Samples

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