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How We Helped Mike Bloomberg Win His Highest Percentage of Vote Nationwide in Colorado (from 5% to 19% in Three Months).


We were thrilled to join the Mike Bloomberg 2020 team in December, when Mike was polling at 5%.


We had outstanding support from a robust national staff as well as a total of 60 staffers across the State of Colorado. We served as the Digital Director of the campaign.

In this time, we established the campaigns Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Additionally, we began an aggressive text messaging campaign on Hustle as well as a steady email program. A group of Digital Organizers and a Digital Organizing Director also aided us by sending texts and publishing content to social media.


By the end of the campaign, we had grown our digital presence to staggering numbers in a short time span. That includes sending 1.1 million text messages over the course of a month and a half, which led to outstanding attendance at events. For example, when Mike joined us in Colorado on February 1, we packed our headquarters with more than 1,200 supporters and hundreds more in an overflow crowd.

The digital work we did paid real dividends down the campaign trail, eventually resulting in 18.7% of voters in Colorado supporting Mike, 2% higher support than he received in his next best state.

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Nick and Uriel brought energy and expertise to a highly unconventional presidential campaign. Operating within the immense urgency and pressure of the presidential primary, they brought new ideas and executed with ever changing priorities. Uriel and Nick embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and did whatever it took to be successful each day.  

Ray Rivera, Senior Advisor and State Director, Bloomberg Colorado 2020 

How NO on 300 Won 81% of the Vote in Five Months with Outstanding Digital Marketing

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