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Darrell's Campaign for Denver's District 9 City Council Seat: A Digital Success Story

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Darrell, a candidate for Denver’s District 9 City Council seat, faced a significant challenge in boosting his campaign's digital presence to secure electoral success. We aimed to maximize the digital outreach of Darrell's campaign against competitors, ensuring high engagement and visibility across multiple advertising platforms. We employed a multi-faceted advertising strategy that utilized Facebook, OTT through TurnitBlue, and TurnitBlue’s Display ads. Additionally, we established a significant presence on Google Search.



Despite initial challenges, our multi-pronged approach resulted in an average of 11 touches per viewer on Facebook, 7 touches on OTT, and an additional 4 touches per viewer through TurnitBlue’s Display ads. This diversified digital strategy allowed Darrell's campaign to nearly match the local Google Search presence of his competitors.


We successfully amplified Darrell Watson’s campaign's digital presence to achieve electoral success while ensuring high engagement and visibility across multiple advertising platforms. This diversified digital strategy allowed Darrell's campaign to nearly match the local Google Search presence of his competitors, resulting in electoral success.

noun_Quote_14163.png was instrumental in my successful city council campaign because of their ability to target highly likely voters and serve them compelling messages. Their dedication and approach made a huge difference in helping us win more than 60% of the vote.”

Darrell Watson

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By the Numbers



Total Ads Investment


Facebook Impressions


Google Search Impressions


TurnitBlue Display Impressions

Digital Tactics

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Facebook Advertising

Role: Facebook advertising helped reach and engage potential voters on a platform where many people spend a significant amount of their online time.

Impact: By reaching 22,960 voters and generating 60,595 engagements, this tactic allowed Darrell's campaign to foster a direct connection with voters, creating awareness and enthusiasm around his candidacy.

Google Search Advertising

Role: Google Search ads ensured that Darrell's campaign appeared prominently in search results when voters looked for election-related information.

Impact: With 364 clicks and a 5% click-through rate (CTR), this tactic directed interested voters to the campaign website, providing them with essential information and influencing their decision-making process.


TurnitBlue Display Advertising

Role: Display advertising expanded the campaign's reach by displaying ads on a wide range of websites and platforms within the TurnitBlue network.

Impact: Generating 619 clicks and over 124,000 impressions, this tactic allowed Darrell's message to reach a broader audience beyond social media and search, reinforcing his candidacy among potential voters.


TurnitBlue Video Advertising

Role: Video ads delivered engaging content to the target audience within the TurnitBlue network.

Impact: Achieving an outstanding average video completion rate of 98%, this tactic ensured that viewers engaged deeply with Darrell's campaign message. Videos are an effective way to convey a candidate's personality and values, which can resonate strongly with voters.

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