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Helping a New Public Charter Grow and Open a Brand New Location


Located in Houston, Texas, Elevate Collegiate Charter School is new public charter school serving students in Pre-K4 through 3rd Grade. Prior to their partnership with, the school lacked a strong digital presence and needed help building their brand and enrolling new students.



Our initial campaign with Elevate Collegiate was strong but short, accomplishing the school's first year goals in only two months. We were able to reach over 37,000 parents, earn over 120,000 total impressions, and generate 82 parent leads. This campaign consisted of rigorous lead-generation efforts throughout the social media landscape of Houston, Texas, primarily using the Facebook platform. With the success of our initial campaign, Elevate extended the partnership with Effct for the 2022 enrollment season.


Throughout our partnership, we’ve optimized their digital presence with minor website edits and created an original flagship video for use on their social media. Our efforts generated approximately 626 leads toward student enrollment from a combination of social media advertising and a website enrollment form. This total contributed to a period of full enrollment leading up to the 2022-2023 school year. In the end, our efforts helped Elevate grow to a point where they opened a new campus to accommodate their new students.

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By the Numbers (2022)

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