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How Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Won a General and Runoff Election Using a Targeted and Effective Digital Strategy


Before Effct joined the Hancock team, the campaign lacked the capacity to execute a fully realized, comprehensive digital strategy to reach Denver voters. Once we joined the campaign team, Effct was able to play a critical role in delivering highly targeted messages to specific communities of voters. Mayor Hancock left the general election with 38% of the vote, the highest among the four main candidates.


Mayor Hancock entered the 2019 mayoral runoff election facing a three way "Unity Ticket," which consisted of three of the top four candidates in the general election working together against Hancock's campaign. The combined vote percentage of the three opposing candidates in the general election was 58%.


After working with Effct, Michael Hancock won the runoff election with 56% of the vote. He managed to do this in a municipal election that saw three City Council incumbents lose their seats, the highest turnover in over thirty years.

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"My team was thrilled with our partnership with Effct. They worked closely with our Digital Director to deliver engaging content at our targeted voters. Effct was there when we needed them: supporting our rapid response by quickly producing video and laying out ad placement strategy on Facebook. This put our opponent on defense. Effct's digital consulting was a key ingredient in electing Mayor Hancock to four more years!"

      - Jake Martin

        Campaign Manager,

        Hancock for Denver

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400,437 People Reached

1,850,898 Impressions

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615,000 Impressions

8,290 Clicks

How NO on 300 Won 81% of the Vote in Five Months with Outstanding Digital Marketing

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