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How We Helped Houston Classical Double Enrollment After Year One By Using Targeted Digital Media


In 2019, Deyvis Salazar, Founder of Houston Classical Charter School, left New York City with the goal of starting a free public K-8 charter school in Houston, Texas. But like other schools, the traditional enrollment process was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, limiting Houston Classical from reaching parents and potential scholars through traditional means. 


Without a way to effectively recruit new scholars and find interested parents, schools like Houston Classical faced an uncertain future.


Effct.org partnered with Houston Classical in the midst of their first year to modernize their enrollment strategy and ensure they increased their enrollment numbers so that more children could have access to the high quality education offered by Houston Classical.


Effct.org’s work nearly doubled the school’s enrollment numbers from the previous year and established a waitlist of potential scholars for the following year. 


In the months following the beginning of Effct’s campaign for Houston Classical, we used a combination of Facebook and Google Ads, texting campaigns, and website intake forms to generate parent leads. In addition, we created original content included the very first flagship video for the school. 


Effct helped Houston Classical effectively communicate with parents by creating digital content and language for Facebook events, email campaigns and parent messaging, and developed a content and posting schedule through Later.com. Finally, we ensured a smooth enrollment process by establishing a parent CRM tool using Hubspot, and re-designed and optimized the Houston Classical website. 

By the Numbers (2021):










Sample Content:

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Deyvis Salazar
Founder, Houston Classical

“Working with Effct.org greatly enhanced our enrollment capabilities as we went from an upstart school to an established Charter School. With the digital infrastructure Effct built for us, we can keep track of all of our interested parents and make sure that we help them get their children enrolled at Houston Classical. We’ve been able to nearly double our enrollment from last year, and we can do it all in a cost-effective manner. We’re excited to see what Effct will create with their upcoming parent-relationship management system, and we hope to put it to work here in Houston.”

How We Generated 280+ Leads and Increased a School's Digital Presence in Six Months