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How We Helped Prop 19 Win a Tight Race in California With Look-Alike Audiences

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Targeted Content

Targeted Content



Proposition 19 appeared on California’s 2020 ballot to address tax hikes, support vulnerable citizens, and provide local fire districts with adequate funding amidst one of California’s worst fire seasons. It had several promising aspects but faced a tough battle with the conservative opposition. We joined the YES on 19 team with the task of acquiring a higher social platform following and tilt the odds in YES on 19’s favor. 


Our primary objective was to build a large Facebook following for YES on 19’s page, and we accomplished this through an extensive paid ads campaign that harnessed the power of data and lookalike audiences. These actions were possible through consistent digital media management and analytical assessment of content performances.

The awareness we created around Proposition 19 contributed to a winning outcome in November. The YES campaign won narrowly, but ultimately Californians wanted to support one another, especially amidst another devastating wildfire season and the outbreak of a global pandemic. 

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Pat Dennis

Campaign Manager, YES on 19

& President, Streel Level Strategy LLC 

By the Numbers


2.6 Million

Total Impressions

1 Million

Californians Reached


Facebook Page Likes
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The Effct team was a key part of the Yes on Prop. 19 digital team, spearheading our digital organizing program to help grow our audience across multiple channels. Effct's work was polished, professional, and consistent; we thoroughly enjoyed our partnership.

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