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Using Powerful Digital Messaging to Clarify a Complex Ballot Issue

The Issue

As part of its plan to adapt to its rapid pace of growth, the City of Denver proposed Ballot Initiative 2A, which would restructure the Department of Public Works and create the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. While this is a much needed change in order for the city to prioritize transportation and update Denver's systems, there was much confusion about whether 2A would raise taxes (it wouldn't).

The Solution

Through a concerted, comprehensive digital strategy, Effct was able to reach voters across the city and assure voters that a passing 2A would not involve a tax raise of any sort. As a result, over 75% of voters voted YES on 2A, clearing the path for the city to prioritize and modernize transportation in Denver.

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How We Reached Voters
YES on 2A Website screenshot

Website Design

Creative and informative website to direct voters to

Screenshot_2019-11-12 [Test] Introducing

Email Campaign

Reaching out to voters and volunteers on multiple fronts

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Social Media

869,000 Impressions

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The Result

Ballot Initiative 2A passed with over 75% of the vote, with 100% of Denver counties majority voting "YES."

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How Jennifer Bacon Went from First-Time Candidate to Election Victor in Six Months 

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